Timber Pest Report

No property is safe from termites!

Your home provides natural shelter and a food source for termites. Independent data compiled by State Forest shows one in every four homes is attacked by termites at some stage with this in mind a pest report could be the most valuable tool when purchasing a property.

How termites attack your home.

The most destructive species live in large underground nests containing several hundred thousand timber-destroying insects. The danger arises when a nest matures near your home. The gallery system of a single termite colony may exploit food sources over as much as one hectare, with individual galleries extending up to 50 metres or more to enter your home. Concrete slabs do not act as a barrier as termites can penetrate cracks through the slab or over the slab edge.

What is a pest inspection?

A pest inspection covers the detection of timber pest damage or infestation past or present. In some cases, there may be no visual evidence of timber pest attack however the property may still be considered to be at a high risk of infestation due to conditions conducive to a timber pest attack. The Inspector may not encounter any timber pest damage but will be able to highlight any areas of the property that may be more susceptible.

What is a pest report?

A timber pest report is produced by a qualified expert who has visually inspected all accessible areas of the property including the interior and exterior of the house, the subfloor, roof cavity, all outbuildings, grounds, retaining walls and fences within 30 metres of the main dwelling.
Hogan Inspections provide you with a comprehensive report which generally complies with the Australian Standard AS 4349.3 2010

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